A wedding to remember

IMG_1650Who doesn’t love a wedding? The chance to frock up, don some heels and enjoy free booze and food for the night! Not to mention the privilege of witnessing a couple say “I do.”  With most of my friends already married I’ve been on a wedding drought the past few years so I was very excited to recently receive an invitation to celebrate a friend’s wedding.

The best thing about this wedding was being able to ship our 3 girls off to their grandparents’ house for a SLEEPOVER! The second best thing was having a designated driver for the night. Bonus. It’s rare that hubby and I both get to let our hair down and drink together these days so this was a major coup!

My favourite part about any wedding (aside from the aforementioned food & bubbles) is seeing how each couple expresses their love, and also their individuality. Every wedding is special but some weddings particularly stand out, and this one certainly did.

So, what makes a memorable event?

If you’re planning a wedding or any special event, here are 4 tips to help make your event one to remember:

1. Choose the right venue

First impressions count when setting the mood for a fabulous party and this venue certainly promised to be memorable. Located on Brighton Beach front, The Baths Middle Brighton makes a statement.  
The restaurant overlooks Melbourne’s only remaining sea baths, offering magnificent panoramic views of the city and Port Phillip Bay. This was my first time at this venue and the view and the setting was awesome.

Image 2

2. A point of difference

When you’re putting on any kind of event you want people to walk away saying “Wow!” The key to creating a standout event is to do something a little bit different and express your individuality.  This wedding had many unique elements:

Candy buffet table

Shortly after admiring the spectacular view, I noticed the Candy Bar.  The giant size jars were choc-full of old-fashioned varieties – including Maltesers, Caramel swirls, and Milk Bottles, and were a real talking point of the night. Guests were encouraged to satisfy their sweet teeth throughout the evening and then fill up brown paper bags with more candy at the end of the night. I don’t think there was a single freckle left at the end of the night.


Ballet Flats for Dancing

My days of dancing in high heels are behind me so I was very pleased to see a range of ballet flats in varying sizes by the dance floor. The ladies kicked off their heels and danced up a storm. I am not sure the flats were exclusively responsible for the pumping dance floor (the DJ did his bit too) but it helped.  And the best part was we could take the ballet flats home.

Photo booth

Another quirky element to this wedding was a photo booth that was set up in an adjoining room. The wedding photographer was flat out all night as guests disappeared into the room for some happy snaps. Feather boas, oversized glasses, wigs, hats, scarfs and other props were available for guests to adorn for the pics. As you can imagine, the photos got sillier and sillier as the night went on. This was such a clever thing to do  – a little bit playful, a little bit silly – but mostly it was fun!

3. Food. Lots of it!

I confess I am always a little sceptical when I receive an invitation to a cocktail function. I worry that there will not be enough food  - not enough to qualify as a full meal.  My pescatarian limitations mean I need to grab two of anything I can eat and so I always position myself near the kitchen door.

At this wedding reception I needn’t have worried. The food was never-ending and the quality was outstanding. Think salt cod fritters with aioli, tempura battered prawns (my personal favourite), and zucchini frittata with onion jam. Delicious! To the delight of my carnivore hubby there were plenty of meat dishes too – marinated chicken strips with panko, Peking duck pancakes and twice cooked pork belly served on spoons. I was more than satisfied with the cocktail food but then came the bowl food: Pumpkin and fetta risotto, Spiced calamari served in noodle boxes with rocket and mini wagyu hamburgers! I have never in my life seen my husband decline food but towards the end of the night even he had reached capacity.


4. Staff and Service

Staff make an event, they really do. At this event, the service was exceptional, measured mostly by my champagne glass that was never less than half full (correction: make that ¾ full). No sooner had I taken a sip and it was promptly topped up. Given I wasn’t driving and the kids would not be waking me at 6am I decided to take full advantage of this excellent service.

A genuine, collective celebration creates a spectacular wedding and this is set by the bride and groom’s mood. The happy couple could not have been more relaxed and if there intention was to create a memorable PARTY, then they succeeded brilliantly.

If you are planning a wedding, 40th, anniversary or any event consider The Middle Brighton Baths as your venue. The setting, staff and style are hard to beat.

The Baths

As a guest what do you you think makes a memorable event? 

Disclosure: I was invited to a complimentary lunch at Middle Baths Brighton in exchange for a post about the experience. All views expressed in this post are my own.

Event Styling by www.lovingpottering.wordpress.com

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4 thoughts on “A wedding to remember

  1. How much fun!! Sounds like a great celebration, one you will remember. I too am in a wedding drought but looking forward to one after Christmas and another one in a years time. Let’s hope I can also shuffle the kids off for a sleepover!….perhaps at their loving auntys house!!???? ;-)

  2. Yes, it certainly was exactly that: A celebration! And one we were able to indulge in fully due to the kids being on a sleepover. You should ask your sister about this for the future…you never know…she may just say yes! :-)

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