Family, food and a fabulous celebration

Yesterday, 5 daughters, 5 sons-in-law and 14 grandchildren gathered together to celebrate my mum’s 70th birthday. And what a celebration it was! We enjoyed  sensational food and wine in a gorgeous setting, vibrant and animated conversation (a staple of Fox family functions) and we toasted to a fine lady, loving and selfless mum, and all-round remarkable woman. If you want to read about why she’s so special, you can read about her here.

My sister set the scene for celebrating beautifully at her home.

A sit down lunch for 15 adults and 14 grandchildren (youngest party guest just turned one!)

There was plenty to eat….

Including my fruit tarts filled with creme patissiere and topped with fresh fruit

And a birthday cake for the birthday girl

All the grandchildren placed a candle in the cake each in order of eldest to youngest…

My sister made this giant card for all the grandchildren to sign or scribble….

The  day was a smashing success and included the elements of what life is all about! Cheers to mum’s 70 years…may there be many more fabulous years to come!

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Silverbeet and Feta Frittata

One of my ‘go-to’ weekly meals is omething whipped up with eggs.  Quiche, omelette and frittatas are all good, easy options. Now that Miss A is no longer allergic to eggs, I can happily use this versatile ingredient. Recently I made this Silverbeet & Feta frittata and it was a hit! The girls demolished it and I got to feel extra smug knowing the silver beet was home grown :-) I  dedicated much time to my veggie patch recently, but thankfully this hearty green seems to grow without much assistance. (more…)

6 things I’ll miss about pregnancy (and 6 things I won’t)

A strong heart beat and a tiny blob on a screen confirmed my pregnancy. Although I had done a pregnancy test a few weeks earlier, I couldn’t actually believe it was true. My obstetrician handed me an ultrasound photo and a few hours later I was on a plane for work with my precious cargo. As I took my seat, I looked at my scan and remember feeling like I wasn’t alone. I had company. At just nine weeks pregnant, my news wasn’t visible. It was my secret – the best secret imaginable. I had a grin from ear to ear the entire flight to Japan. (more…)

Wordless Wednesday: a little taste of slow

It’s been school holidays in Australia and although my little ones are not at school, it’s meant a break from preschool, occasional care and the girls’ activities. So we’ve had two weeks of moving at a slower pace and it’s been lovely. Here’s a little snapshot of some slow moments.

A few days of sand, sun, sea and salty air….


16 parenting truths you won’t find in the baby books

There is nothing that can prepare you for becoming a parent. It is life altering and unpredictable. And it’s not just the early days of parenting that are challenging. The really hard parts to navigate are the stuff they leave out of the baby manuals. I am five years into this parenting gig and I’ve learnt that sleepless nights and changing dirty nappies are child’s play. Here are 16 things you really need to know, and it’s the stuff you learn on the job:

1. You will become intimately acquainted with Murphy’s Law. Seasoned parents can virtually predict when Murphy will strike with maddening precision. Your baby who always has a day sleep will refuse to go to bed on the one day of the year you have a hangover. Your child who never gets sick will come down with gastro the night you have a date night with hubby; a date that has been in the calendar for six months. (more…)

Creamy mushroom & zucchini linguine

Everyone needs a quick and easy meal that can be whipped up mid week. It’s even better if you can include a few veggies in it, too. Look no further. The following recipe is guaranteed to please, possibly because it’s creamy and kids will eat anything drenched in cream. This is how I get my girls to eat vegetables and it’s delicious. If you want to make a healthier version of this recipe simply reduce the amount of cream you add, and increase the amount of stock. If I am not cooking this for the kids, I add a splash of wine after sautéing the mushrooms and reduce. You can also add a dash of  grainy mustard for extra flavour. (more…)

What makes kids happy?

We  all want our kids to be healthy, strong, kind and capable.  Mostly, though, we want them to be happy. And yet in our quest to raise happy children we often overlook the simplest ingredients of a happy childhood. So, what makes kids happy? It’s not the latest gadget or digital device. It doesn’t cost money and it can’t be downloaded. It is pure and it is instinctive. Happiness is found in play.

Here is a list of 15 innate  things that, all the world over, kids enjoy. (more…)