My blog turns 2 – elk giveaway up for grabs


Birthdays are great fun aren’t they? They are an opportunity for reflection, contemplation and, of course, celebration! For little people, birthdays are filled with intense anticipation, excitement and promise – promise of cake!

When your first baby turns one parents usually celebrate but it’s as much for the adults as it is for the child. At such a young age but they don’t really get into it. They have little concept of what the fuss is all about. And as every parents knows, they’re much more excited by the wrapping paper than what is inside. But by the time the second birthday rolls around they are much more attuned to what’s going on, notably, that the day is ALL ABOUT THEM!

Not another slippery dip is about to turn TWO and my “baby” wants to celebrate. You may recall when I turned one. I enjoyed a quiet celebration and was pretty thrilled that I had kept my blog alive but this year I reckon I’ve earned extra champagne. My baby has moved from the newborn phase, beyond infancy and is now officially a thriving toddler (minus the tantrums I promise you)!

I am going to hit you with a few of my milestones:

Collectively I have over 1500 followers. Considering it took a while to reach anyone other than my husband, sister and a few friends, this is a very big deal to me!

People – parents presumably – have visited my blog and clicked on a post over 68,000 times. And they come from all corners of the globe.

My most successful post this year was The 5 most stressful experiences after birth and was viewed over 7,000 times in the one day!

Over 1200 people have taken the time to comment on a post and for this I am immensely grateful. My goal for the year ahead is for NASD to become more interactive and for it to keep growing and engaging more parents. If commenting isn’t your thing, that’s totally fine – just give me a hint that you’re reading by “liking”.

OK, that’s it for the numbers. I’d like to say THANK YOU for enjoying the slippery dip ride with me. To show my gratitude my lovely friend at elk accessories is providing a fabulous prize. And because it’s my second birthday she’s providing not one but TWO elk gift vouchers valued at $150 each.

Image 1

I have loved elk from day dot. Marnie continues to expand her range and creativity and I am in awe of her talent. Check out their new (summer) range, just released.

So, how do you win one of these awesome prizes? It’s easy. Simply answer the following question: (in the comments section below) Do you have a birthday rule or ritual? What is it? Then click on the Rafflecopter link to complete your entry.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For me, a birthday means as little domestic output as possible. Strictly no cooking or washing for 24 hours. It’s a DFD – domestic free day. I confess that my birthday ritual used to be a little more exciting but since becoming a mother, almost 6 years ago, this kind of gets me excited. Add some bubbles and I am happy (big hint to hubby)! And in the time honoured tradition of two-year-olds thinking the world revolves around them, I plan on being as self-indulgent as I like :-)

Good luck!


The pros and cons of being a routine parent

IMG_7021Before I became a parent I was very spontaneous. I once quit my job and flew to Italy to surprise my sister on her 30th birthday. Once there, after the celebrations, I impulsively extended my trip and travelled on to Switzerland and Turkey. It was spontaneous fun! In my early years of marriage, weekends were filled with similar spontaneity; day drives out of town, spur of the moment social outings and many spontaneous Sunday sessions at the pub. Although do they classify as “spontaneous” when you just happen to end up in a beer garden every weekend?

Being a parent and spontaneity don’t sit easily together, at least not for me anyway. When Miss A was born I read Robin Barker’s famed Baby Love, in which she extols the virtues of routines for babies. It seemed to make sense and Miss A easily adapted into a routine. I fed every 3-4 hours, she slept for another 3, and so the cycle continued. This structure held appeal for me, too. I liked knowing what was coming next. I liked being in control, and routines make you feel supremely in control. (more…)

A tale about lingerie and a fabulous giveaway

New motherhood brings both emotional and physical changes.  It involves new beginnings and abrupt endings. Sleep, spontaneity and sex are likely to come to a screeching halt! But perhaps one of the biggest adjustments is the changes to a woman’s body following pregnancy and childbirth. (more…)

Ethical dilemmas and my stint on radio

Screenshot 2014-07-31 10.39.26The scent of sausages sizzling on a hot barbeque is one of my favourite smells. Which is odd, given I am a vegetarian. It also makes trips to Bunnings a continual ethical dilemma. How can I be so drawn to the smell of something that I am repulsed by? In my latest piece for The Hoopla I explore the many dilemmas of trying to live an ethical life.

The article struck a chord with readers and was picked up by the morning show’s Studio Ten. You can read the article and view the footage of the discussion on TV here. (more…)

21 things I love about newborns

IMG_3948Ten little fingers and ten little toes; there’s an irresistible magic about newborns. The arrival of a baby is an occasion of unparalleled joy and I’ve been blessed to experience this three times. My youngest ‘baby’ is now two, and although my husband thinks our family is complete, part of me yearns to experience the newborn phase all over again. Of course, newborn babies are not all smiles and rainbows, but they are undeniably cute and remarkable in so many ways. Here are 20 things I love about newborn babies:

1. My love of newborns begins with their many little creases and folds; the soles of their cute feet being my favourite part of a baby’s body.

2. I love the perfectly formed fingernails at the tips of their teeny tiny fingers. (more…)